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Star training programme same each week?

I have just completed my 3rd week of 'improve fitness' programme with my ft80 and the star training programme is still wanting me to do the exact same training in week 4 as week 1 - 3.
When will the programme let me increase the intensity/time etc? Feel like im treading water a bit as from when i got the heart rate monitor ive had to do less intense exercise than i used to!
So far every week its said:
Zone 1 55min,
Zone 2 2hours
Zone 3 15min.

When will it let me progress? (every week i have exceeded the minimum time in each zone)

Thanks, Lynsey
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Typically at week 5 or 6. If you are already fit, then you can choose "Maximize". Also, make sure you put in your real maximum heart rate (not 220-age). Otherwise your HR zones will be too low to be beneficial. Once you get your real maximum HR set, your zones will provide a decent work out and it will be a challenge to reach your weekly targets.

The STAR program is conservative. After a while you get used to it. Make sure you perform the fitness test once every few weeks (perhaps once a month) on the second of two consecutive rest days. If you overtrain, your HR variability will be lower than normal, and you will get erratic fitness (VO2max) values.
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