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Please contact your local central service to check the product for you. It shouldn't reset itself! They'll change the module inside if necessary. We give international warranty. For most products this is 2 years from purchase. //kate
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It`s easy and legally it`s correct to tell the custmers -Use the warranty.

But , since this is a very well known problem a recall should be done even for those whose warranty is expired.

Pretty much like car manufacturers. This is assuming there is a serious problem , and this is a serious behaviour from the manufacturer to the custmers.

Just an example. I have a VW golf whose warranty had already long expired when the shift cracked. The car had 80000 Km.

I was already prepared to spend a lot of money , when for my susprise they told me they would fix it for free as long as I agreed to leave the old shift to them for engeneering studies.
Also apologized and said it should never happen with a vW !!!

This is beeing serious and honest, Useless to say that a few years after this I bought another VW !!
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I was having problems with my FT80 so I recently sent it to the Canadian repair location.
No word from Polar yet but I look forward monitoring the progress online and testing it out when I get it back.
I'll report back on my experience.

Update: The support experience was great. The product was worked on and returned promptly. Communication was also prompt and personalized. Most important, so far my FT80 is working great.

Thanks Polar Canada!

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