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Where can a get a new FT80 WD 90040139?
I bought a used black version (for only 15 Euro 2 months ago, but now the top right button stopped working - corussion, maybe the sealing ring got to old).

I used the watch in combination with my v800, and I must say they are the perfect duo.
The lack of guidence of the v800 is compensated by the ft80 for example:

. OwnZone (perfect for running and indoor rowing)
. Star program (maximise fitness - my VO2max is now 67)
. Stenght training guidence for crossfit (i use this mode as an 'intervall timer', before i used to make too short breaks between my sets, now my performence is better then ever).

The only thing i hate about the FT80 is, that the black version is barly readable at poor light (running in the evening). That's why i want the wd version, but i can't find a reseller in europe, they are all out of stock.

Please help my (you could also PM me, if you want to get shot of your 'old' wd version)
I really need this watch, feels like something is missing during training.
Thx for your help.
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You may wish to try contacting some of the larger Polar Authorized Distributors in the USA to see if they may be able to ship to you in Europe.

The combination you are using is very familiar to me! I have been the FT80 units for over 5 1/2 years now. They have proven to rock solid reliable and their stand alone built in STAR Pgm self adapting guidance targets have never failed me! Used in conjunction with my RS800CX and CS600 and V800 in various combinations, is a great way to go!

I always found the Reverse Display FT80 to be particularly difficult to see in all but broad daylight. All of mine have been the Grey Display version.

You may also wish to check on Ebay, Amazon, etc. to see if any FT80's are avail. I know of several people who have them, and I could always check to see if any of them might be willing to sell theirs.
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FT80 is available today on for 48% off list (a list price which no one should ever pay, by the way - for what I believe is a now a 8+-year old product).
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