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Red, yellow & green days?
I understand that green is 'fit to go', yellow is 'take care' and red is 'rest up', but I thought that over time the calendar would show more green days than yellow and red to reflect the fact my body has got used to doing much the same on a regular basis.

I walk for 8-9 miles a day at a slow pace (average moving pace is 2.2mph, but as it's all stop and start my average overall pace is closer to 1.4mph), my maximum heart rate rarely reaches 120, and my average is normally 98 or 99. I've been doing this for work (5 days a week) since early November, and I still regularly have more than 50% of the days in a month on yellow and red (a fairly even split beween the two).

Will the system ever accept this as my normal activity level and only show as green unless I do additional exercise? I'd like to add in some jogging, cycling and swimming on a regular basis, but doing a single stint of jogging or cycling (or even additional walking at a faster average pace on a day off) at the moment shoves me into red for the best part of a week !!
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