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FT60 graph not showing on polarpersonalTrainer
I have been a fan of polar for over ten years, I have resentally replaced my FT80 to a FT60, (Old FT80 broke down)

After downloading it onto PolarPersonalTrainer:

Using my FT80, I can view my Heart rate over time, however I can not with the FT60.
The data syn without any problem, but all I get to view is in table format.

Is there a setting I need to change?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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The FT60 only records Summary Data. Thus, all ther is to upload to the web service is Summary Data. Without the actual full data, there is insufficient info for the web service to plot any HR graph curve.

In Polar's FT product series line, the FT80 is the only model capable of recording Full Data for the web service to plot a HR curve.

If you were misinformed by your dealer, and recently purchased the FT60, you may consider returning the FT60 for another FT80 or one of Polar's other models that have features suitable for your needs.

If you are in the USA, check w/ HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com (an authorized Polar dealer) to see if they still have FT80s in stock. Amazon may also still have them.
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Thanks MusicLaw for the feedback

I really like the graphs, it's didn't accure to me that Polar would have two different systems on the FT80 and the FT60.
I read the sales material and didn't see it write anywhere about the difference, but i'm sure it there somewhere.

I ordered it on line about three months back, never mind, looks like I have to buy another one
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No graph

My FT80 stopped working after a year and I also bought an FT60 to replace it. I didn't recall seeing that it only collected summary data. Starting to really get a bad experience with Polar. Maybe time to throw it in the trash and try another brand. Very frustrating!
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