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Well Polar, this really sucks! Count me out if you're going to close the door for users of standard products like the RCX3 and RCX5 on Flow.

How can you expect people not to complain and just be happy at the Polar Flow community with your lack of intelligence regarding this matter?

This forum by the way is not secure anymore since the certificate has ended long ago. But this is surely just a way to make people not wanna go here and start complaining. Shame on you Polar!
S3+ returned to the retailer due to uselessness.

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I bought RCX5 less than 4 years ago, at the time it was one of top product from Polar. I have all the sensors (stride, GPS, 2x speed) and it's still works well for my needs and have planbed to keep it for foreseeable future. But without PPT, it will practically lost all the analytical and training functionality. If Polar don't want to maintain two web portals, why they can't provide websync alternative to work with Flow. Data export to Flow is already possible, so technically it should be viable solution.
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