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how much does it cost polar to keep polarpersonaltrainer.com up and running ?
how much does it cost polar to keep polarpersonaltrainer.com up and running ?

crowdfunding- I'd be willing to put a few nickels to keep it going, I'm fairly sure I would not be alone in that either.

Polar, I'm just trying to give you some options to think about because Id rather maintain some consistent elements with over 2 decades of brand loyalty personally invested.

I will not be "upsold" any further products in the meantime
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Good idea, Laz.
I would also be willing to chip in a reasonable fee to keep PPT operational after December 2019. Have also so much stored in there and not only detailed training sessions but also notes and results for so many years and it is not worth it for me to transfer to Polar Flow especially if Polar Flow does not appropriately transfer the data. I have recently written to Polar about my concern on why when my training sessions are transferred from PPT to Polar Flow, I get "pace" instead of "speed". Waiting for their answer on how to change that since I could not find any setting in Polar Flow to do that myself. If that is not possible, there is no point for me to keep transferring data to Polar Flow as I will just lose the necessary information based on which my training is based. Will let the Polar Forum community know when Polar gets back to me on the accuracy of data transferring.
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