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Transfer of Data from PPT to PolarFlow is Inaccurate and Incomplete
Just confirming to anyone who is interested that the transfer of past sessions' data from PPT to PolarFlow is totally unreliable. As a track and field sprinter, I need the recorded speed data to be transferred as such in PolarFlow and I get pace data instead with no possibility to change the settings from pace to speed. The charts are disjointed for no easy comparison of data.
And I was also formally explained by Customer Service that no solution is envisaged.
There is no point for me to continue to transfer sessions if I do not get to record the data I need.
I find the incompatibility between PPT and PolarFlow quite ridiculous not to mention frustrating.
So, not only we have been hit by the upcoming termination of PPT but also by the inaccuracy and incompleteness of the data transfer.
If anyone has encountered the same issues as mine, please let Polar know.
Many thanks.
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