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WearLink strap always fails after few months

Since I own Polar Sportwatches (several years) I've always had the problem that the wearlink straps fail after a very short time. Fails means the watch looses the signal during workout. With time it gets worse which renders the whole system useless!

I began to wash them very rarely but nevertheless new straps fail after approx. 3 months. I always thought it was me caring too less (couldn't imagine how though as I began to handle them with kid gloves) but at a competition another runner told me the same problem.

A warranty exchange typically takes about TWO months! Go figure...

Is there anything I can do about this problem?
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Make sure everything at the strap around the electrodes is very wet. Also wet your skin. If you having a workout without a lot of sweating, standard electrolytic gel will work too (the same which is used during a ultrasonic examination).

I also read, that some users used acetic acid for cleaning the electrodes.
Hope this helps...

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I notice you mention the WearLink strap, the one with the meshy contacts?. They require a bit more care. When I was using the WearLink strap I could get at least 12 months out of it and that was just rinsing it after use. I rarely put one through the wash cycle on the machine. You should switch to the newer Soft Strap with the rubbery contacts. They are much more robust and last longer.

I use the Soft Strap and also just rinse it in the shower after each use. I've had well over 12 months use out of my current one without issues. It's probably closer to 2 years as it was in use with my Polar devices before I started using it with my Garmin devices 12 months ago.
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I would echo the comments made by MichaelJSwann about the differences between the Earlink strap and the successor strap, the soft strap. The Wearlink strap required regular washing in soapy water or its data would get irregular. In fact, many people suggested putting it in one of those washer bags and then putting it in the regular washing machine on a gentle cycle.

The softstrap required no regular washing and we were warned by Polar not to over-wash it. I would rinse it off after a few workouts.The soft strap I've been using recently was probably a year and a half old (maybe older). Both earlier straps generated lots of spurious signals as far as I am concerned.

The real winner is the new H10. I don't know how long it will hold up, but it is remarkably sensitive, accurate, and comfortable.
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