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wearlink samsung s4
I to evrybody excuseme for my english
I ve a wearlink bluetooth for android and I can pair with S4 but it does not trasmit with endemond or any other app.
Somoene can help me. Thanks
Ps battery is ok and the belt very wet when I try to connect
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iPhone Pairing
I have been using my H7 strap for a year or so, and just lately I haven't been able to re-pair it with my iPhone. It worked great prior to that without any problems with the transmitter itself.

For background, I use an iPhone 4S with the latest update including iOS 7.x (whatever their latest update is as of 7 NOV 13). I'm not sure if the latest update is causing the problem. Also, I have lately used the Runtastic app, but also tried pairing with the Runkeeper app.

So, once if stopped working, I washed the strap by hand with soap. It is the strap with the rubber strip(s) that touch the chest, while on the other side are the female snap connectors, but I really don't think the strap had anything to do with it because:

After it stopped pairing with my phone (so far) I went to the gym with it, and the treadmill still received the signal from my transmitter, even though my phone would not!

Stuff I've tried:
* replacing the battery (even tested voltage of the old and new battery, and the new one was certainly fine, and I probably threw away a perfectly good old one)
* closing all the apps
* restarting the phone
* rebooting the phone (almost like restarting, but helps resolve some problems that restarting doesn't)
* turning the bluetooth off and on
* taking the transmitter off the strap and putting it back on
* changing the position of the phone in relation to the strap
* tried pairing with both Runtastic app and Runkeeper app

Obviously, none of the stuff I've tried worked; that's why I'm here.

The only thing that I haven't tried, which I'm trying now, is taking the battery out for longer than 6 minutes. Now I have to wait until after work to try it again.

If the transmitter is the problem, it's weird that the transmitter for Polar equipment still works, but the one for the Bluetooth does not. Has anyone had problems switching between Polar equipment and Bluetooth? Does anyone know if it's possible or probable that my Bluetooth transmitter is dead while my Polar equipment transmitter still works?
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Nexus 4
Does anyone use Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth with Nexus 4?

I have problem with connection. Sometimes N4 see Polar IWL in bluetooth manager, but rarely. When I paired then POLAR does not connecting with N4 and does not work in any sportstracking app.
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Had problems mentioned here, but fixed

I had the problems mentioned here, and they were solved just soaking deeply into water the strap.

I used to just put some water on it, but after putting the strap into water, and let it soak for a couple of seconds (the contacts portion of it) the problems disappeared.

Anyway, I am looking for a strap from a different brand, just to be sure that it will solve it.

Hope this helps someone else.


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