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Same problem with Samsung Galaxy S2
Same problem with Samsung Galaxy S2. When I'm at home, sitting at the table, the connection is ok, but during run I lost the connection after several seconds to several minutes.
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Same problem
I just want to agree with all your previous comments. My experience is that the bluetooth connection is too weak.
I have tested Endomondo and Sportstracker Pro.
Unfortunately Sportstracker Pro not works at all with Polar WearLink Bluetooth. The heart rate works first but after a while it sticks at the same value. Endomondo is better but not as compentent app than Sportstracker Pro.

Question to POLAR: How will you solve this? There are to many complains to ignore.

Does anyone tried the Zephyr HxM instead? Same problems?
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After 8 hours working, the BT transmitter crashed.

Devices in use:
Sony Ericsson x10mini pro with Android 2.1
HTC Touch Diamond with WM 6.1

Software: Run GPS
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Same problem
I use Polar WearLink+ BT together with Sports Tracker on an Android 2.2. Have used Wearlink for one year. Have noticed that rinsing the belt after each workout is vital and washing it in machine regularly helps a lot. I think that bad rinsing makes the belt short circuit the electrodes. When the belt gets moist during next workout the salt on the belt from sweat conducts current and thus short circuits. This phenomenon eats battery as well. Until recently washing my belt has made the heart beat readings return. Now it does not help anymore. Battery lasts only about ten workouts. Maybe the belt is worn out (after one year!) or else is there an electronic problem. Polar should definitly comment on this at their support site. I will try to get my belt fixed via warranty service in Sweden.
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I've had to change battery after just under 30 hours of device use (disconnecting the transmitter and washing the strap every time). A few days after battery replacement i get random connectivity problems. One of them shown on this ride: http://www.sportstracklive.com/track...696#/heartRate

It was impossible to connect after a ride. Only after unstrapped, washed and waiting for some time - it seems to work again. Any way to debug such problems? The phone is always at the same place in the backpack. Android 2.2 on Motorola Defy. same results with sportstracklive/sportstracker apps.
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Simple advice for connection problems
Hi all,

After implementing the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth support in our IDoMove Android sports tracker app I want to share with you some solutions how to make connections easier.

1. When connecting to the belt keeps failing then please remove the black transmitter part from the belt and leave it off for about half a minute. Then click it back on and reconnection should work.

2. Instead of restarting your sport tracker app or rebooting phone etc. Just turn off bluetooth in your phone and then reconnect to the belt with your app. (if the app does not restart bluetooth, you would have to turn on bluetooth by yourself of course)

3. Make sure that the pads are wet, I put them under running water, well warm water :-)

4. Try to avoid pairing too much, this takes alot of battery from the belt.

These solutions solved for our app most if not all (re)connection issues.

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Same problems with HTC Incredible. I've tried 3 different apps: RunKeeper, CardioTrainer, Endomondo. All exhibit random loss of HB. Usually after the 30 minute mark, the phone either locks up, lags to point of being unusable, or reboots. I have my HTC Incredible rooted, and I have tried different versions of different ROMs with no success. I'm sending the Polar back to Amazon and getting the Zephyr HxM to see if it does the same thing. I'll report back here with my finding.
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Hi everyone,

Happy you, my Xperia arc does not recognise even that the RS300x transmitter is a Blootooth supported equipment. All attempts to pair it with SportstrackPro or Endomodo failed.

Looking forward to software updates....
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I use Cardio Trainer on my Android so I got excited when Polar released a Bluetooth ver. I got mine in mid Sept. 2011. Worked fine for about 2 weeks then I began having issues. Heart rate was not tracking properly, connectivity issues. It's paired to my phone but does not connect at all.

I thought maybe it was the strap. I have a Polar 40M. Works great. Had it over a year now. Never had problems. I tested it with that and it works fine. So it's not the strap.

I also tried downloading other apps that are compatible with the Polar Bluetooth transmitter, nothing. I read that unpairing and repairing can sometimes help, I can't even pair it up again after I unpaired it.

All that's left for me to try is replacing the battery on the Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth transmitter. I think it's bad if the battery wears out THAT fast. Will try that and update.
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I'm so glad I didnt just go out a buy one of these HRM's. But where is Polar's response to these issues?? why has no one from Polar even commented on it? pretty crazy.. maybe those ANT+ senors from Garmin or Wahoo are better.. unfortunately they require a dongle for smartphones, but if they work for more than a month then its still an upgrade I'd say.
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