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Alexander Lapajne
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Originally Posted by dajomas View Post
Unfortunately, I was not granted a license because I do not have a commercial plan.

I am an amateur Android programmer and wanted to write a sort of an ECG app. Which I might have put on Google Play as free software.

I used the questions Kate posted to request the license but got turned down with the annoying response: "I hope you find suitable fitness applications on the market which fulfills your needs"

No, I didn't find the app I was looking for hence the request for the license so I could write it myself.

-1 for Polar on this one.
This needs to be raised higher in the Polar hirearchy because they're missing an excellent business opportunity. Someone with a little wider vision and business sense needs to see the crazyness of NOT allowing users to write software that benefits the buyers of Polar products and makes them sell more of them.

Well, thankfully there's Garmin.
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If you want to keep using your Polar with Bluetooth on Android you can download our free app Mobicardio on Google Play.



Contact us if you want some specific features or information.
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API / Protocol specification
Disappointing to read that Polar's heart rate protocol is closed. I, too, was thinking of buying a new heart rate monitor to replace my 4 year-old Polar F6, looks like I'll have to consider other vendors. So far I've found Zephyr (http://www.zephyr-technology.com/) and Binar (http://www.heartsensor.info) with open protocols (although looks like Binar isn't shipping their chest strap yet) - anyone have any experience with these vendors or others that have an open protocol?
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Developing Apps with Polar Heart rate sensor

Im new to developing android apps with connection to polar heart rate sensor. I have a school project that need to deal with android apps and polar heart rate sensor.. But i do not know where to start with..
Advice or hint or even code that i should refer to are greatly appreciate.. Really appreciate it.. Please help/assist me.. Thank You.. Hope to get reply a.s.a.p
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Agreed. I signed up and logged in just to inform you that you lost my business because you didn't support outside developers.

I wanted to write an app that would have encouraged people to buy your products.

Instead, Zephyr gets my business; and the business of my future users.
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I am looking for a way to get access to AccessLink Data.
I did not get any response since I completed contact form.
We are developers of a fitness app
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