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new to the a300
I just bought the a300 watch and was told it would display speed and distance travelled. I went for a bike ride 30+ some km but it doesn't display anything except for time 123.32 and calories 885 but nothing about distance. did I need to buy the gps model? I was told this would do that. also how would it know my calories burned without knowing the distance travelled and maybe heart rate which I don't have a heart rate monitor.
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The A300 is a fitness and activity tracker that counts steps. Like most trackers it would estimater calories by the parameters you put in for height, weight, age, etc. The A300 does not have GPS and will not give route tracking.

To get a good number for calories you need to have a heart rate strap paired with it so it can calculate calories based on your heart rate.

Whilst it can have profiles set up to track individual activites, it can't pair to any sensors that can track speed or cadence, so the best you will get is what you see already and heart rate data if you have a heart rate strap.

For tracking speed and distance on the bike, the M400 is a better option. It will also give you your route on a map in Polar Flow. The M400 will also do activity tracking.
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