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M450 and H7 sensor
My m450 sees H7 sensor
Start the pairing procedure, but does not associate it
Until recently it worked, and nothing has changed
Do you have any solution?
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I don't really understand your issue. Pairing is something that only needs to be done once, unless you do a factory reset on your M400, which will then require the sensors to be re-paired.

If it's working correctly you should see your heart rate on the pre-training screen.

You can check to see if it's already paired by going to Settings > General settings > Pair and sync > Paired devices. If it is, you don't need to do anything more. If you need to re-pair the H7, wear it as you normally would so it is picked up.

The only pairing related issue I have is with my V650 which loses the pairing to my non-Polar sensors every time there is a firmware update.

A bit more of a description of your actual problem might help.
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I have exactly the same issue.
The H7 sensor was paired and worked perfectly.
After a stop, it didn't show heartbeat on the M450.
In the pairing menu, it still showed the H7 sensor as being paired, but no heartbeat detected.
Removed the H7 sensor from the paired devices and tried to re-pair it.
The M450 finds the H7 sensor, but when trying to pair it shows "Pairing failed"

Any idea?

I already did a soft reset of the M450
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Try changing the battery. It worked for me
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You could try to reset the H7 as well. Remove the battery and connect both contacts with a paper clip.
Hope this helps...

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Originally Posted by cplix View Post
You could try to reset the H7 as well. Remove the battery and connect both contacts with a paper clip.
This worked for me. Thank you!
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