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help with reading symbols
I have a new FT40 and enjoy it. I have 2 questions regarding what the watch is saying while I exercise:
1) What does "Found limit" mean while I am exercising? It happened twice--during a more strenuous part of my run.
2) There were 3 vertical lines just to the left of center and a heart symbol was moving between the lines. It didn't not move constantly. It would move to the left of the left line, but then it moved a bit to the right.
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The FT40 has a Maximum Heart Rate Limit setting feature. This is different than the 220 minus Age derived MaxHR value determined from your Date of Birth. The latter may also be manually overridden, and affects the calculation of the Fat Burn vs. Improving Fitness sides of the Energy Pointer feature.

This Energy Pointer feature in the FT40 simplifies the entire realm of Heart Rate Zones to an "either/or" scenario, where you are either in the lower Fat Burning realm, or the upper Fitness Improving Realm. This is in distinct contrast to the otherwise typical Heart Rate Zones each of which are a 10% range of your Heart Rate relative to the MaxHR value.

For more on the Maximum Heart Rate feature in your FT40 and the Energy Pointer feature in your FT40, see the FAQs and Tips via the SUPPORT link in the NavBar above. The MaxHR value is a different setting and is also covered in the SUPPORT materials and in your User Guide PDF (also via the SUPPORT Link).
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