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Can't sync the FT4 with Polar Beat app

I've been unable to sync my FT4F with my iPhone's Polar Beat app. When I try to sync, it just can't find the heart rate monitor. I've moistened the sensors, but the strap on and clip in the computer to the strap. Still, it doesn't recognize. I've tried this several times and at this point just don't know if this monitor is compatible. What am I doing wrong??
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You're not doing anything wrong.

The FT4 can not sync with Polar Beat nor with Polar's web service.

Only the FT7, FT40 and higher models are capable of syncing with the Web Service with the optional FlowLink device. Nonetheless, you may create a free account on and manually enter your Training Session results from your FT4.

To use Polar Beat on your iPhone with a HR Sensor requires a different HR Sensor than the HR Sensor which came with your FT4!

The FT4 uses Polar's GymLink signal from a WearLink+ or H1 or H2 or H7 HR Sensor.

To use Polar Beat on your iPhone your iPhone must be at least a model 4s or newer. The Bluetooth SMART Polar H7 HR Sensor will work with Polar Beat on your iPhone. The H7 simultaneously sends a GymLink signal to your FT4. However, the FT4 has no way of syncing with Polar Beat nor your iPhone.
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