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Originally Posted by Rambot View Post

That means that IrDA polar watches are fundamentally incompatible with Macs.
The bottom line is that IrDa watches WON'T become compatible with Macs. Unfortunate, but unfixable. So stop trying to blame Polar for what they can't fix/what you didn't establish before buying!
No offense, but this is nonsense.

The above statement was true years ago, back when Macs were PPC-based. A member of the Mac USB Dev Team explained that the cheap USB chip used in the original Polar IR dongle (white cord) was so badly non-compliant with the USB specifications that it would never work on Macs of that era.

Today, however, the situation is different. My late-2008 Intel-based MacBook Pro runs WinXP SP3 on a BootCamp partition, and I am able to transfer data just fine from my S610i using the standard Polar tools (USB adapter and software; it's simply a pain to have to boot into Windows just to get the training data off my watch). And since I'm able to do so, this demonstrably cannot be a fundamental hardware incompatibility with the Mac.

Rather, this issue is entirely due to the fact that Polar has stubbornly refused to devote enough engineering effort to addressing the problem. I had numerous conversations with their engineering team (both in the US and Finland) dating back to at least 2003, when I got my 610i, and continuing clear through Apple's switch from PPC to Intel.

Polar does support the newer watches via WebLink. But their obstinate claim that there is some fundamental hardware incompatibility with Macs, which you repeat above, simply isn't true.

I absolutely love my 610i. But as long as the situation remains as it is, I will not be buying any Polar hardware ever again. (What I will do, if I'm able, is to spend some time experimenting with the Java-based IrDA library linked to elsewhere in this forum thread.)

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disgusted re no mac support
As I interpret this thread Polar simply doesn't care (note that first post in this thread begging for mac support is sometime back in 08). I own an S610i, S810i, and CS400 (first purchase in 2001). I even purchased various windows Operating systems thru the yrs just to put on my Macs to dnload my exercises.

Now with an iPad they continue to thumb their noses at those who prefer the Mac universe. That is, of course, their privilege. However, I spent gthe money, and until they support either Macs or iPads the chance of me purchasing another Polar Product asymptotically approaches negative infinity. I would strongly suggest others do the same. These days (as opposed to 2001) there are other alternatives.

it's sad
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MAC support
Originally Posted by brucecooper View Post
Hi guys,

As I alluded to a few weeks ago, I am in the middle of writing an iPhone application which will perform the same tasks as WebLink, at least for the SonicLink protocol. I'd like to support IRDA as well, but the iPhone doesn't have the appropriate sensor.

Its not quite finished yet, but I do have it reading workout information from the watches, plus the beginnings of the UI for the application. I'm hoping to make it capable of uploading to, as well as to Google Docs for those that prefer not to use polar's site.

Have a look at The Crimson Cactus Home Page for more information, as well as a sneak peek video. Don't be fooled by the quality of the website, I really do know what I'm doing, and the application will be great.

Once I've finished the iPhone application, it should be relatively easy to port it to a full blown Mac OS X program. If I get enough support, I'll consider releasing something for that as well


Bruce, great news , let us know when you have your application available. Is really frustrating, not being able to run on a Mac environment.
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Weblink on Mac running Parallels.
I have installed Parallels and Windows on my Mac and attempted to upload data from my CS600 using weblink, but get the message "Error starting connection".
This has worked fine for many years on an aging laptop.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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