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Troubleshooting WebLink Sound Data Transfer
"No answer from your Polar" error means that the WebLink does not recognize start of the data transfer. Start the data transfer first from the WebLink software, so that it is “Listening” mode and after that from your Polar product.

If the error is "Errors in connection" usually retrying the data transfer should work, however, you may need to adjust your computer sound settings.

See the following documents for correct data transfer procedure:
How to transfer data from F6/F7

Make sure you have correct product selected in WebLink Settings. If wrong product is selected, the data transfer will fail.

When you start the data transfer, the bar indicating the sound level should stay in the middle of the bar during the whole data transfer.

If the sound level indicator does not move at all, you should get it first to move when you e.g. tap your microphone. You can do that either by adjusting your microphone sound level or moving the unit closer to or away from the microphone. Distance between unit and microphone can vary between 0,5 and 15 cm depending on various factors (e.g. microphone used -internal or headset-, the noise around, etc.).

Make sure also that you are able record audio with your microphone. You can test that e.g. by using Microsoft Sound Recorder.

Some microphones are designed only for voice recording and may cut off certain frequencies thus preventing data transfer.

Some customers have reported that external microphone has worked better than internal microphone. Turn off speakers to avoid echo.

Close other programs using sound card e.g. Skype, iTunes...

Check that you are running the WebLink software as an administrator of your computer. In some cases not being logged into the computer as administrator has also affected data transfer.

See the following document for further information:
If CS300/CS200/F11/F7/F6/RS200 Data Transfer Does not Work

Please see also previous threads before starting new one.

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